Practical Mountain Biking Tips for Women

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Jun 16

Mountain biking is truly one of the exciting activities that can be enjoyed not only by men but also by women. The joy of being able to explore nature is just one of the reasons that many cyclists consider mountain biking among other outdoor activities. What’s more, it is also a good avenue for losing weight and keeping fit.
However, it is important to note that it is not wise to hit the road right away as you wish. You need to prepare for it. It is also a must to know the important things that you have to do while you are riding your bike. Moreover, selecting the right women mountain bike counts as well.



Preparation for the Activity

As mentioned earlier, preparation is essential in this type of sport. This is not actually an ordinary activity that female cyclists can simply do without a lot of preparation since you might get injured or spoil your activity if you do not prepare for it very carefully. Below are the things that you must do before riding your mountain bike.

• Choose the right food.

Yes. Whether you like it or not, you will have to expend a great deal of energy in this type of outdoor activity. That explains why it is necessary to consume energy-giving foods that will keep you on the go. Before you begin your ride, you should opt for a healthy breakfast. For example, your breakfast may include a couple slices of bread with a moderate amount of your favorite jam, a refreshing fruit juice, a regular-sized banana and a healthy dose of yogurt. For your trip, be sure to pack some slices of cheese, bread, cereal bars, chocolate bars and dehydrated fruits. Bring sufficient amounts of water too as your body will need to be sufficiently hydrated during your ride. However, try to avoid eating or bringing a new food or beverage that might upset your stomach on the way.

• Check your health.

As a woman cyclist, you have to be concerned of your health more than anything else before you start riding a bike. You certainly do not want to faint in the middle of your ride. It is wise to consult your physician so that you will know whether you are fit for riding a mountain bike or not at all. Your doctor can also give you some advice whether or not mountain biking is for you or not.

• Examine your bike.



It is not enough that you are fit for riding a bike. You must also check if your bike is in good condition or not. It is wise to have it checked by an expert, especially when you are going on a long ride. Try to see if your bike is still comfortable to ride. Take a look at each part. The brakes must be working. The chains must also function as they should. Check if there are cracks in the rims of the bike wheels. Perhaps the tires are punctured or need more air. The bottom line is you should have your bike repaired as soon as you notice any defect.

• Wear proper outfit.

Choose a helmet that suits you best. Be sure to pick out one that covers your forehead as well. Select a clear eyewear to protect your eyes. Try to choose an appropriate outfit for the activity. Although a tight outfit is recommended, be sure to select an outfit that does not hinder you from breathing well!

• Gather all necessary stuff for your activity.

You should not forget to bring the important little things that can help make your ride as convenient and as comfortable as possible. They should fit in a single daypack. These things should include a cell phone, water bottles, maps, spare shoes, rain coat, a repair kit, an ID card, a tube of sunscreen, a lip balm, snack bars or other food. It is also a smart idea to bring a durable U-lock.

• Plan your route.

Yes. You have to decide on where you want to go. You have to plan your trip very carefully since that is much safer than not planning about it beforehand. Bring a couple of maps and compasses so that you do not lose your way.

• Invite a friend to join you.

It is not only fun to explore nature or other places with a friend but it is also much safer. You will actually feel more at ease since you have a friend next to you. You can rest assured in the idea that you can readily get help if anything suddenly goes wrong in the middle of your activity since you have company.

Tips for Riding Your Bike Well



You should know that there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when riding your mountain bike. When you observe these things, you can get the most out of your riding experience and feel much safer. Below are some great tips that will help you feel more at ease while you are riding your bike.

• Stay as relaxed as possible.

Remember, you are riding to enjoy the outdoors and not to fret! Do some stretching exercises before you start cycling. Do not forget your breathing exercises too. Try to relax your entire body as you are riding your bike. Make sure that your muscles are not tensed up.

• Make sure that the bike feels comfortable.

Before you begin your outdoor activity, test the bike first in your area nearby. It is best to check it one more time. It should be in good condition. A few minutes of biking will help you determine whether or not it is good to go or not yet. You should feel comfortable while riding your mountain bike.

• Try to look ahead while riding.

It is not actually advisable to bow your head as you are cycling. You must watch out for some branches, signs, turns, animals and other vehicles on the way. You can observe all of these only when you look ahead. Also, you can anticipate what is ahead of you and prepare for your next move very carefully.

• Apply the right techniques.

When you are going downhill, do not apply the techniques for going uphill. On the other hand, when you are going uphill, do not apply the techniques for going downhill. Also, be sure to apply the brakes at the right time. You have to observe the right shifting techniques as well.

Select the Right Mountain Bike for You

Female cyclists also deserve to ride the type of bike that suits them best. Although it is possible for a woman to use a non-gender-specific mountain bike, you can still look under the category of bikes mainly created for women if you prefer to buy one. You just have to keep in mind that you must select the right one for you. Read on to find out some tips on how to pick the most suitable bike for you.


• Buy from a good store.

More often than not, reputable bike stores are recommended by many customers not only for their good customer service but also for the quality of the bikes that they sell. They can also help you find what you are exactly looking for since they sell a lot of bikes to suit their customers’ style, budget and preference.

• Check several bike models.

There is a wide range of bike models to choose from in this day and age. It is a wise idea to compare at least 3 models. Just as long as you compare their pros and cons, you will easily find what you are exactly looking for.

• Choose a bike that fits well.

It goes without saying that the size of your bike must match with your body size. You need to check the reach, handlebar height, saddle position and seat height thoroughly so that you can rest assured that you get the most suitable size for you. The thing is you would not really feel comfortable riding on a bike that does not suit your size well, so it should be the perfect fit.

• Follow a budget.

Mountain bikes can cost as low as $250 and as high as $10,000 based on certain factors like brand, quality and type. That is why you need to decide on your budget prior to shopping for one. If you do not have enough funds, you will have to settle for an affordable bike at first. However, be sure not to sacrifice its quality since there is no use riding a cheap bike that cannot do its work well. Moreover, try to include in your budget the accessories that you need.

Indeed, it does not really matter if you are a woman who wants to enjoy mountain biking. The truth is you can do so provided that you observe certain things that will not only ensure your safety while riding your bike but will also provide you with sheer fun! What’s more, as long as you are ready to learn the things that you have to do before or while you are riding your bike, all you need is to get the perfect bike for you so that you can get started.

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