7 Smart Pieces of Advice to Help You Select a Used Mountain Bike

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Jun 14

Has it been your wish to be able to own a mountain bike sooner or later? Well, you are not the only one wishing for it. The truth is many people also want to buy a mountain bike for many reasons. You definitely have some good reasons why you want to own a mountain bike, and you most certainly want to get one that is created to withstand even the most challenging mountain bike trails. Indeed, there are just so many things that you can do and explore when you know how to ride a mountain bike and have a durable one that you can use to enjoy the outdoors. Imagine breathing some fresh air and appreciating some scenic places as you ride your bike. You would certainly agree that does not only look cool but also feels cool, isn’t it?


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Whether you are looking for a used bike so that you can save more or because that is the only one that you can afford right now, this article will give you some useful advice that are worth considering when you search for the right used mountain bike for you. Check out these important pieces of advice below.

Research to get the right information

Yes. You must get more information on mountain bikes prior to buying a secondhand one. The reason for this is because your knowledge about mountain bikes can really help you get the best secondhand bike at the best price. It is important that you know about its parts as well. Try to read stuff on how to maintain them. Gather information on how to repair them as well. You should also know which brands most people trust. It is also a smart idea to learn about the various features of a mountain bike. Most importantly, you must gather some data on how it actually works and which bike works well for a particular purpose. As a result, you can choose well, depending on your purpose for buying a mountain bike. Since you know something about bikes, you will be able to protect yourself from buying from an unscrupulous dealer. What’s more, you will get more ideas on how to save and make the most of your purchase in the long run.

Consider quality over price


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Although it may be easy for some people to buy a brand new quality mountain bike, owning one is still a dream for others. If you are one of those people who wish they already had a bike or those who wish they could afford to buy one, you should know that you could actually get one at a price that you could afford if you only try to search at the right place and at the right time. Perhaps you do not want to buy a used mountain bike because of the popular notion that most used products are not good at all and that you are only going to waste your money when you buy secondhand products. However, contrary to what most people think, it is important to note that it is actually possible for you to buy a used mountain bike for sale and still expect to get one in good running condition. Nowadays, the price of a brand new mountain bike is between $250 and $10,000, depending on its quality, brand and features. Basically, if you are searching for a used mountain bike that has the most basic features, then you can spend much less on it. You could expect to buy a bike at less than $250! However, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to look for a used bike that has the cheapest price. Chances are, it is not durable enough and will actually break too soon. Therefore, look for a used bike that has better quality and a reasonable price.

Buy from a reputable store that people trust

Oftentimes, when you want to check a good selection of quality used mountain bikes, you only need to go to the right store since it has what you are looking for. You should go to reputable stores that sell used bikes. Such stores actually check the bikes that they sell very carefully since they have a reputation to protect. They also know a lot about bikes, so they could actually help you select the mountain bike that suits your needs best at the soonest time possible. It is also a good idea to inquire from friends or colleagues who use secondhand bikes. Chances are, they will always recommend a reliable store that sells used bikes. It is also possible to buy from an online store or from a flea market as long as it receives good reviews and high ratings from many customers. The key is for you to research well and check several stores before purchasing a secondhand bike from any of them.

Select a trusted brand


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Although you are looking to buy a secondhand mountain bike in order to save on the cost, this does not mean that you cannot buy a good brand. The thing is it is best to choose one of the best brands when you buy a used bike because it is easy to find the spare parts for your used bike whenever you need those. Of course, you have to pay a little bit more, but you can rest assured that it is possible to change its old parts easily, and you can still use it unlike when you buy an unknown brand that you cannot repair or use any longer once some of its parts are broken or need a replacement.

Think about your purpose

Yes. Although you are buying a used bike that has a lower price than the original, you have to look for one that will suit your purpose best. It is essential for you to check your purpose for buying a used mountain bike. If not, you would not be able to get the most out of it and just end up wasting your money. The thing is if you buy a cross country mountain bike and use it for extremely bumpy terrains, chances are it will not last long or you will end up injuring yourself since it is not constructed to serve for such purpose at all. Mountain bikes come in various types, and you should be able to pick out a certain type that will suit your purpose and needs. If you prefer to use your bike on downhill trails, hills or long slopes, try to opt for the downhill mountain bike type since it is basically constructed for such purpose. What’s more, this type usually has very durable chain guards and disc brakes. If you love the challenge of riding your bike on extremely bumpy trails, you should get the full suspension mountain bike. If you only want to use your bike to enjoy the outdoors from time to time, the best choice would be the cross country type. It is also a good choice if you prefer something lightweight. However, if you are searching for the versatile type that you can use easily on all types of terrains and for all mountain biking styles, you would absolutely be interested in the freeride type.

Examine all its parts very carefully



You have to carefully check all its parts, from its handlebars to its tires. When you discover some loose parts, the bike has some problems. The issue on loose parts is usually obvious in handlebars, headsets, bottom brackets and pedals. Rust is also a common issue, so do not consider a bike that has rusty parts such as its chain, brake cable, drivetrain or its frame, especially when the rust cannot be removed in any way since these parts will not last long. You also have to notice very carefully whether or not there are any cracks or dents in some parts of the bike as these are not really good, particularly when you see them in the bike rims or frame. The spokes should be tight. The brakes must be able to function well. Moreover, the tires need to be checked for holes as well so that you will have an idea whether you need to replace them or not.

Test the mountain bike

Who says test rides are only applicable to brand new cars or bikes? Of course, they are also necessary even if you are only buying a secondhand mountain bike. When you have checked everything, do not ever forget to test the mountain bike before you finally decide to buy it. Try to find out if there is anything that is not functioning right. Do you hear any clunking or rattling sounds as you ride on the bike? Does the pedal feel loose?

Indeed, owning a mountain bike is not really beyond the realm of possibility. You can buy a used mountain bike that you can afford at this time. As long as you follow the nuggets of advice from this article, there is no reason that you cannot find the right mountain bike that will suit your purpose and budget.

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