Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) Reviews

By Liam Neeson | Reviews

Sep 21

The benefits of driving a Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) be overemphasized. The bicycle belongs to the full suspension genre of bicycle that was produced to increase flexibility, and comfortable road driving, just to mention a few.

The market today is bustling with all types of bicycles and the reason for the increase usage is nothing but the multiple benefits attached to driving them; benefits that seem to be increasing daily as the need to enhance lifestyle and promote well-being increases.

Today, the uses of bicycles have evolved from rudimentary uses like transportation to leisure, exercise, and what have you. Mongoose impasse dual suspension is a different kind of bike specially made to ride on rough terrains.

This type of bike is created for reasonable off-road trips. It has very strong frame with back suspension that aids to even-out rough terrain. The breaking structure is designed to make stopping fast and stable in wet and muddy situations.

There are many bicycles in the market that claims to possess diverse benefits; however, some aren’t what they claim to be. In this article, you will discover the real truth about this type of bicycle and how to select one that will provide the ultimate benefits.

Some interesting mongoose impasse dual suspension features/descriptions:

The Mongoose impasse dual full suspension (29-inch) has a very strong aluminum frame. The rear shock is a modifiable suspension which allows you to change your riding experience according to the terrain. The fork in the front suspension also helps to reduce its impact on trough roads.

The Mongoose are known world over as manufacturers who focus on high-quality and their taste for over-performance led to the inclusion of shifting and Shimano derailleur parts.

Also, the bike also possesses 21-speeds for ultimate performance. Although the bike is relatively heavier than most, it uses alloy and aluminum parts to aid in the decrease of the total weight.

Other important features:

  • It possess aluminum suspension frame
  • Suspension forks
  • 21-speed gearing
  • Shimano back derailleur


There are definitely reasons for increasing interest in bikes especially one created by Mongoose. I have searched the whole market and sample many customers views about their opinion of the product and here is what I was able to collate as its benefits. Unsurprisingly, the general concession is very encouraging. Below are some benefits of using Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch).


  1. Rear and front suspension that aids to even-out the rough ground
  2. The back and front breaks allows fast stops eve under very bad weather conditions. This is a mighty great benefit as it goes a long way to prevent possible accidents that occurs during severe weather conditions.
  3. Easily modified shock to alter the journey characteristics; another factor that prevents road accidents.The need to prevent possible accident during rides is too important and that is perhaps the reasons why the producers pull their weight to create a sturdy and very road worthy bikes.
  4. In case you have heard about the heaviness of the bike and are probably discouraged; well don’t be as the heavy weight is dampened by the inclusion of alloys and aluminum. The addition of these metals (aluminum and alloy) help to reduce the entire weight of the bicycle.
  5. Mongooses is a name synonymous to high-quality. When I am asked “what is the best way to spot a good product? I usually answer the producers. To know how good a product is check out the history of the manufacturers of that product. If they are consistently in the business of creating high-quality products, then you have a winner all the way. Mongoose is a household name for good value, and that is why I have included the company as a factor of evaluating the benefits of the product.
  6. Another key area to spot a great and promising product is the customer service. In my search for the review of this product, I discovered that many buyers lauded the customer services performance. The general concession is that of fast, efficient response, and resolutions to problems and issues regarding their products.
  7. Easy assembling of parts is another important benefit of this product. So, buyer with little or no techy-skills can put the parts together easily without much interventions. However, you would need to be ready to arrange brakes. The manual that comes with the package will see you through the whole process.
  8. Easy riding experience. Most buyers declared that the bicycle is actually easy to ride despite its heavy weight and that is thanks to the addition of alloys and aluminum.
  9. Many customers who also bought the bike testified to its excellent and satisfactory value; once one is able to get through the assembling stage, every other things falls into place – smooth ride, responsive, and tight.
  10. It makes riding through rough terrains a child’s play
  11. Many users also testified that the bike is exactly what the advertisers claimed.


It is my duty to also discuss the cons as well as the benefits of this product; that way prospective buyers get to know what they are getting into. So, below are some of the cons of the bike.

  1. The suspension is sometimes bouncy
  2. Although the assembly isn’t difficult, it however, takes about an hour on the average to complete. Except you aren’t given into techy stuff such as assembling bicycle parts, you might take more time than necessary to complete the assembling.
  3. There is also a general issue about the packing of the bike. Many users declared it was adisappointing experience that created some inconveniences.
  4. There is also the issue of small breaks and no space to place water containers.


All-in-all, Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) is indeed a bike to ride and enjoy its multiple benefits. There are many bikes out there and all comes with their special brand of good and bad. Considering the number of accolades that we discovered outweighs the bad ones, it is indeed appropriate and truthful to declare that the product actually possesses all that the advertisers claimed.

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