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May 23

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle Reviews 2015

By Liam Neeson | Reviews

Hard tail bikes have been very high in demand among all those people who are into mountain biking. However, the kind of components that are used in the hard tail bikes and the quality of these things, make sure that they remain very expensive. However, this hard tail bike by Diamondback, incorporates all of the finest components, while at the same time keeping it as economical as possible. The low price of the bike has in no way compromised on the performance of the same.

Generally the wheels available to be used in the mountain bikes are a 29er or a 26er. However, the 26ers are agile and fast, while the 29ers happen to be smooth, dominant and offer the best traction. The wheels of the Diamondback are of 27.5 inches, and hence, combine the best properties of the other two kinds of wheels.

The frame of the bike is a butted, classic 6061-T6 aluminium one which is durable, agile yet very light in weight. This helps in smooth and also controlled rides, even on the toughest trails. The frame has custom formed tubing. This helps in making the bike sturdy and low in weight.

The bike has a suspension that has a XCR-LO fork from SR Suntour which has a 100mm travel as well. This in turn allows the bike to ride smoothly even on the roughest terrains that are out there. The speed lock that is available on the bike can be adjusted in order to rebound the fork to achieve efficiency, optimum power and also high performance on not just the fast flats, but also on the steep climbs.

It has an 8-speed drivetrain composed of SRAM X-4 trigger shifters which respond very quickly. There are also some highly responsive Shimano derailleurs, 24 gear combinations and SRAM S600 cranks, all of which will have you zipping up and down the hills with total ease.

Key features of the bike

  • It has an aluminium alloy 6061-T6 hardtail frame, which is hand built. It is quite simple in its make as well.
  • The wheels of the bike have the dimensions of 27.5”
  • It has an alloy arm crank set SRAM S600
  • The hydraulic disc brakes have a front rotor of 180 mm while the rear rotor is of 160 mm
  • It is also equipped with the SL-7 rims (double walled)


What sets it apart from the rest?

The drivetrain of the bike is highly reliable and hence makes it perfect to be used by everyone from the entry-level riders to the most experienced ones. With a bike like these, composed of all the kinds of components that it has, no trail or hill will be out of reach for you.

Usage of the bike

The bike is quiet sturdy and considering the components that the bike is equipped with, it is perfect to be used just about everywhere. It can be used on the streets and at the same time, the very same bike can be used to tackle the most difficult terrains that are available out there. There can be some very steep climbs or the most rugged trail, and this bike can handle it all, at the same time making sure that the rider is comfortable.


Considering all of the features that are available in this particular bike, it is very easy to see that it is durable, versatile, as well as, a high-quality trail bike, best full suspension mountain bike. With all the components that it is equipped with, the bike will let the user tackle nit just the rough terrains but also the steep ascents and also rocky trails.

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