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Sep 21

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) Reviews

By Liam Neeson | Reviews

The benefits of driving a Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) be overemphasized. The bicycle belongs to the full suspension genre of bicycle that was produced to increase flexibility, and comfortable road driving, just to mention a few.

The market today is bustling with all types of bicycles and the reason for the increase usage is nothing but the multiple benefits attached to driving them; benefits that seem to be increasing daily as the need to enhance lifestyle and promote well-being increases.

Today, the uses of bicycles have evolved from rudimentary uses like transportation to leisure, exercise, and what have you. Mongoose impasse dual suspension is a different kind of bike specially made to ride on rough terrains.

This type of bike is created for reasonable off-road trips. It has very strong frame with back suspension that aids to even-out rough terrain. The breaking structure is designed to make stopping fast and stable in wet and muddy situations.

There are many bicycles in the market that claims to possess diverse benefits; however, some aren’t what they claim to be. In this article, you will discover the real truth about this type of bicycle and how to select one that will provide the ultimate benefits.

Some interesting mongoose impasse dual suspension features/descriptions:

The Mongoose impasse dual full suspension (29-inch) has a very strong aluminum frame. The rear shock is a modifiable suspension which allows you to change your riding experience according to the terrain. The fork in the front suspension also helps to reduce its impact on trough roads.

The Mongoose are known world over as manufacturers who focus on high-quality and their taste for over-performance led to the inclusion of shifting and Shimano derailleur parts.

Also, the bike also possesses 21-speeds for ultimate performance. Although the bike is relatively heavier than most, it uses alloy and aluminum parts to aid in the decrease of the total weight.

Other important features:

  • It possess aluminum suspension frame
  • Suspension forks
  • 21-speed gearing
  • Shimano back derailleur


There are definitely reasons for increasing interest in bikes especially one created by Mongoose. I have searched the whole market and sample many customers views about their opinion of the product and here is what I was able to collate as its benefits. Unsurprisingly, the general concession is very encouraging. Below are some benefits of using Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch).


  1. Rear and front suspension that aids to even-out the rough ground
  2. The back and front breaks allows fast stops eve under very bad weather conditions. This is a mighty great benefit as it goes a long way to prevent possible accidents that occurs during severe weather conditions.
  3. Easily modified shock to alter the journey characteristics; another factor that prevents road accidents.The need to prevent possible accident during rides is too important and that is perhaps the reasons why the producers pull their weight to create a sturdy and very road worthy bikes.
  4. In case you have heard about the heaviness of the bike and are probably discouraged; well don’t be as the heavy weight is dampened by the inclusion of alloys and aluminum. The addition of these metals (aluminum and alloy) help to reduce the entire weight of the bicycle.
  5. Mongooses is a name synonymous to high-quality. When I am asked “what is the best way to spot a good product? I usually answer the producers. To know how good a product is check out the history of the manufacturers of that product. If they are consistently in the business of creating high-quality products, then you have a winner all the way. Mongoose is a household name for good value, and that is why I have included the company as a factor of evaluating the benefits of the product.
  6. Another key area to spot a great and promising product is the customer service. In my search for the review of this product, I discovered that many buyers lauded the customer services performance. The general concession is that of fast, efficient response, and resolutions to problems and issues regarding their products.
  7. Easy assembling of parts is another important benefit of this product. So, buyer with little or no techy-skills can put the parts together easily without much interventions. However, you would need to be ready to arrange brakes. The manual that comes with the package will see you through the whole process.
  8. Easy riding experience. Most buyers declared that the bicycle is actually easy to ride despite its heavy weight and that is thanks to the addition of alloys and aluminum.
  9. Many customers who also bought the bike testified to its excellent and satisfactory value; once one is able to get through the assembling stage, every other things falls into place – smooth ride, responsive, and tight.
  10. It makes riding through rough terrains a child’s play
  11. Many users also testified that the bike is exactly what the advertisers claimed.


It is my duty to also discuss the cons as well as the benefits of this product; that way prospective buyers get to know what they are getting into. So, below are some of the cons of the bike.

  1. The suspension is sometimes bouncy
  2. Although the assembly isn’t difficult, it however, takes about an hour on the average to complete. Except you aren’t given into techy stuff such as assembling bicycle parts, you might take more time than necessary to complete the assembling.
  3. There is also a general issue about the packing of the bike. Many users declared it was adisappointing experience that created some inconveniences.
  4. There is also the issue of small breaks and no space to place water containers.


All-in-all, Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) is indeed a bike to ride and enjoy its multiple benefits. There are many bikes out there and all comes with their special brand of good and bad. Considering the number of accolades that we discovered outweighs the bad ones, it is indeed appropriate and truthful to declare that the product actually possesses all that the advertisers claimed.

If you don't like this product, you can read review: Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike


Sep 20

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Brands 2015

By Liam Neeson | Reviews

Are you looking for a new activity that can make you fit and healthy? Without a doubt, one of the best would be mountain biking. It is not only fun, but also thrilling, especially when you find yourself traversing the roughest of the terrains. If you are interested in mountain biking, the first thing that you have to do is to find the best mountain bike brands, including those that will be mentioned below.

As you start shopping for a mountain bike, you might end up being overwhelmed with the abundance of the possibilities. This should provide you with more reasons to be careful and to take time in differentiating one option from the other. Keep on reading and learn about the choices that you should know in your search for the best mountain bike brands.

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Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Brands


Being founded in 1895, one of the benefits of Schwinn is that it is already an established brand in the market, which makes it unrivalled in terms of reliability. With a variety of models to choose from, it is one brand that is able to provide the best value for money as it offers high-quality products at reasonable prices.


Schwinn S29 Men’s 29-inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • Alloy 29-inch Wheel
  • Dual Suspension Fork
  • SRAM 3.0 Derailleur

If you are searching for the best mountain bike brands that are meant for tough terrains, Schwinn  is one option that should not be missed, especially the S29. One of its greatest features is the 29-inch alloy wheels, which are made with excellent grip, making sure of your safety in different surfaces. It also makes the bike lightweight.

With an efficient gearing system, you have another reason to pick this when looking for the ideal bike. Even if it is in a rugged rail, changing from one gear to another will be almost effortless on your part.

One of the most important things for a mountain bike is for it to promote the best for your comfort. This bike comes with a full suspension frame, which is one thing that ensures a comfortable ride. The frame is the one that absorbs the shock before it even reaches your body. It also comes with a soft, padded seat.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

  • Shimano EF-50 Shifters
  • Suntour Suspension Fork
  • Dual Suspension Frame

For those who are looking or economical options that are made specifically for tough men, this is one model that should not be missed. More than its economical price tag, it ranks as one of the best because of its ease of assembly. Once you have it taken out of the box, it will not take long before it can be assembled and ready to use.

Aside from its economical price, one more thing that I personally liked about the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 men’s bike is that it comes with an exceptional braking system. It does not require too much effort to put the bike on brake, which also allows it to be exceptional when it comes to safety.

Overall, the biking experience with this model from Schwinn will be hard to be rivaled by any other option. From comfort to safety, you can be confident on the ability of the bike to provide you with a smooth ride all the time.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

  • Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
  • 21-speed Drive train
  • 26-inch Alloy Wheels

Sturdy, agile, and resilient – these are three of the words that are commonly noted when users are asked why they consider this model from one of the best mountain bike brands. Its solid construction is indicative of how it is built to be tough and to withstand the test of time.

In many of the inferior models of mountain bikes in the market, one of the most common problems is with control. This, however, is never going to be a problem with this model from Schwinn. Because it is easy to control, the likelihood of crashing and being involved in an accident will be significantly less.

When it comes to flexibility, this is another model that you should keep within your radar. It has a fantastic range of gears. It also comes with high-quality components, making it possible to have a bike that can provide you with an unmatched performance.


When you talk about the best mountain bike brands, Mongoose is a name that should never be missed. With more than 40 years of experience in the market, Mongoose has been aggressive in its product line, providing riders with durable products that offer top-notch quality, all of which are geared towards providing them with a safe and comfortable ride.


Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

  • Aluminum Suspension Frame
  • 21-speed Gearing
  • Alloy Wheels

Your search for the best mountain bike brands should start with making sure to choose one that comes with excellent design and materials. In the case of this model, it comes with an aluminum suspension frame, which is beneficial because of being lightweight. While being light, however, integrity is never compensated as it is still very tough.

Aside from its aluminum suspension frame, words of praises have also been expressed with its dual suspension frame, an essential in the mountain bikes of today. The suspension allows the bike to deliver smoother performance, even if it is used in an uneven terrain.

Another exceptional thing about Mongoose is that they have reliable customer support. If there is any issue that you would like to address, just contact the company and they will provide you with immediate response.

Like all other Mongoose bikes, it is backed with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. In the case of this bike, it has a 2-year warranty, providing you with the confidence on its quality and functionality.

Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension Bicycle

  • 26-inch Wheels
  • Linear Pull Brakes
  • 21-speed Shifters

Even bikes for women can be fully-packed with power, making it perfect even for tough riders. The exceptional braking and shifting power of this model is one thing that gives this an edge above other choices within the competitive landscape. The brakes are especially useful when you are traversing downhill trails. I liked how the stopping power is great, which is way better than what I have personally seen in other models.

When you see the tires of this model, it will be easier to understand why many people classify it as one of the best mountain bikes. One of the best things about this model is that it comes with a free wheel hub, which will allow pedaling backwards possible in the absence of interfering with the brakes. The rims can also resist rusting, allowing it to withstand many years of use.

Most people complain of how uncomfortable some models of mountain bike are. In the case of this model from one of the best mountain bike brands, your comfort is always the priority. It has a responsive frame, allowing you to have smoother rides in different terrains. The cushioned seat is also a great thing.

Diamondback Bicycles

Whether you are a beginner or an expert biker, this is one brand that you should know about. All over the world, this is one of the most trusted. It has a proven track record for offering high quality mountain bikes that are available at a wide range of prices. From the wheels to the suspension frame, you can be confident with any bike from Diamondback.


Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike

  • Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • Single Pivot Design
  • 29-inch Wheels

As one of the best mountain bike brands, Diamondback never fails to impress, such with this model, which promises ease of use, making it perfect even for beginners. From the time that it is assembled to riding the bike, I am sure that you will find things easy.

Because this bike is integrated with Shimano gearing and shifting components, you can be confident that it will never fail in terms of quality. When you have to change gears, you can do so smoothly, and hence, having a smoother ride. In the same way, the brakes are also excellent.

While the gearing and shifting components are made by Shimano, many of the other parts are made from alloy, which is known for its excellent qualities as well. This bike comes with handlebars, pedals, and rims that are made from alloy. The latter is a material that is commonly used in advanced bikes because of being lightweight in the absence of compensating integrity.

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike with 27.5-inch Wheels

  • Suntour XCM Suspension Fork
  • DB Recoil Aluminum Frame
  • 5-inch Wheels

This may not be as popular as the other models from Diamondback, but this does not make it any less when it comes to the best choices in the market. If you go online, limited information may be available. If you read the reviews, however, I am sure that you will find more than enough reason to love it.

One thing that I personally love about this model from a leading choice for the best mountain bike brands is the wheels, which are at 27.5 inches. It is large enough to provide it with the ability to handle even the most stubborn surfaces. Nonetheless, it is still compact, making it easy to transport.

The Tektro Aires mechanical disk brake is another feature that deserves to be given emphasis. This contributes to providing the bike with unrivalled stopping power, regardless of the condition of the terrain.

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike  

  • 7-speed Shimano Derailleurs
  • Heat-Treated Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Linear Pull Brakes

Durability – this is one of the reasons why this bike will make an exceptional choice for the best mountain bikes. The body frame of the bike is made from aluminum alloy, which is lightweight but very sturdy. All other components are made from top-notch materials that guarantee resistance to wear and tear.

The Tektro brakes is another revolutionary feature of the bike. This means that stopping the bike will not require too much effort on your part. The same thing is true when it comes to shifting from one gear to another. Even if you are a beginner, this will be a user-friendly bike in ways more than one.

When it comes to price, you will have another good reason to have it considered above other choices that you will possibly have. It is surprising that it comes with an affordable price tag, especially because it comes with an impressive list of features and exceptional technical specifications.


This is another name that never fails to make a positive impression when it comes to the best mountain bike brands.This bicycle brand is from the United States, but has gained popularity globally because of its unmatched quality, coupled by affordable prices. It began with a line of bicycles for children and youth, and has grown into a product line with extensive selection.


26-inch Wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

  • 3-piece Mountain Crank
  • 26-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Suspension Fork

With a total weight of 71 pounds, it is designed with a set of highly-advanced features that will prove to be ideal even for novice bikers. More than such, it is also exceptional that this bike is flexible. Whether you would like to go on a smooth biking path or a rugged terrain, this will be a reliable bike.

The appearance of this bike is very commanding, and such alone will already be a good reason to have it considered above other alternatives. The craftsmanship of this model is hard to rival. It comes with a geometric frame that has been designed with the needs of riders in mind, making sure that comfort and safety will be given emphasis.

While I may have not personally used this bike in the past, I am convinced that this will make a viable alternative because of powerful brakes and smooth gearing. When you need to stop, the bike will easily give in to your command.

26-inch Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

  • Twist Shifters
  • Steel Mountain Frame Geometry
  • Linear Pull Brakes

Granite Peak, a leading choice for the best mountain bike brands takes pride in offering this product to their customers. While this can prove to be slightly heavier than other bikes because the frame is made from stainless steel and not aluminum, it does not make it any less in terms of functionality.

Bike for women are not only all about their technical specifications, but also their appearance. This will make a great choice because it is available in a variety of colors, such as magenta and pearl white.

Nonetheless, even if the bike is designed specifically for women, do not make the mistake of thinking that quality is not as tough as the bike for men. Its tires, frame, handlebars, and all other components are constructed to deliver optimal strength, making sure that you will have this bike for an extended period of time.


GMC may not be as popular as the other names mentioned for the best mountain bike brands, but this should not give you the reason to have it ignored. As shown with the model that is discussed below, there is no doubt that it is a brand that deserves your attention as well. One problem with this brand, however, is that you will not have a selection that is as diverse as what you will typically have with other brands.


GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

  • 21-speed Gearing
  • Aluminum Wheelset
  • 26-inch Full Suspension Aluminum Frame

Still searching for the best option that will suit your budget? Why not consider this model? Among other things, this has been a preferred choice in the market because of its many aluminum components, from the rims to the frame. Aluminum is a commendable material for mountain bikes because they do not just look good, but they also withstand the test of time, which is indicative of its durability.

The Promax disc brakes, which are found on the front and back, are also highly commendable. This provides the bike with a stopping power that will provide you with the freedom to have it easily controlled, even in the most stubborn of terrains.

Its suspension design is also commendable. It has the excellent ability to absorb shock, which is why you can expect nothing but the smoothest ride.


The task of finding the right mountain bike that will suit your budget and preferences will be challenging. Start with choosing those that are made by trusted brands, as the name alone can already serve as a proof of top-notch quality. Aside from brand name, consider other factors such as price, features, and even the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.

To make things easier, narrow down your choices for the best mountain bike brands with the names that have been mentioned above. As a biking enthusiast, I am confident that those that I have recommended will deliver the best value for money, and of course, exceptional performance and smooth riding experience.

Sep 07

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

By Liam Neeson | Reviews

Hello. You all are welcome on my blog. In this blog of mine, I’m going to introduce you all with a marvelous Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike. It is acquiring a suspension of T-6 aluminum aluminum frame. All that you want in a strong bike is a strength, sophistication, and durability, and this mountain bike is exactly according to your needs.I also want to introduce you with its single pivot that is elaborated in the bearing that are sealed one and it offers a constant ride with marvelous performance.

These full suspension bikes don’t ask the wheel for work in a good manner, but actually the recoil trail of 27.5-inch place a design of classic version by using a fresh size of the wheel. You are very familiar with the strong power of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, so get more excited to here that it is even stronger as its frame is built up of this alloy and it will save the weight whenever and wherever it will be possible.

Features of Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail Full Suspension

This spectacular bike has a bunch of unbelievable features. Some of these features are listed below.

  • Full Suspension Frame Made up of 6061-T6 Aluminum:

The frame of this suspension bike is made of aluminum which is strong enough and allows the bicycle to compress and observe the shocks whenever you move through a rough surface or trails. An ideal frame is possible to build with the help of aluminum and other materials emerged in it. It will enhance the durability and make it light in weight.

  • Cartridge Bearings that is sealed and is single:

Cartridge bearings which are sealed and single provide the riders with the comfort level to pass the obstacles and big rocks with full reliability. The performance of your bike is also improved by this.

  • Mechanical Brakes of Tektro Aires:

If we talk about the brakes, a very important role is played by this bike. A very fresh technique of Taktro Aires disc brakes is built in a mechanical tone which gives Diamondback bicycles 2015 Recoil full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike to a magnificent power to stop.

Benefits of you while using this mountain bike

With a bunch of spectacular features, this bike provides the customers with a bunch of benefits to using it. The most prominent benefits that the customers got through this bike are:

  • This bike observes the bumps and jerks with full ease
  • You will have a lot of fun while riding this bike
  • Highly easy to build this bike
  • Handlebar, front brake, seat and front tire are so easy to control
  • This bike is not bouncy at all and has front suspension of upgraded level
  • In price and weights, it is very easily affordable
  • While using this bike you can surely say that you are a good mountain biker
  • It will also provide the ease to ride it on rocky tracks and trails.

Pros and Cons of this product

Having five-star reviews, this bike gives a bunch of pros as it is very famous among the mountain bikers. They also want you to show its pros and cons (Which are surely less in number), to introduce you with spectacular technology. The list of pros and cons of this mountain bike is as under:


  • Full suspension frame which is made of 6061-T6 aluminum material
  • Marvelous design with different designs and sizes
  • Can be adjusted with full ease
  • Tires are durable enough
  • Brakes are strong enough
  • Easily movable on rocky areas
  • You can become good mountain biker after using it
  • Suntour XCM Suspension fork comprise of 120 mm of travel
  • Heavy wheels of 27.5-inch allow you to move over heavy rocks and sleepy areas with full ease

And surely there will be a lot many.


As we all know that nothing is perfect, so we can’t say that this bike has the only perfection of benefits and don’t have any kind of disadvantage. However, these are less enough in number as compared to the pros but still, while considering the cons we can say that this bike has a very unclear manual. Talking about the bike in your budget, it may be of high value.

What Customers Are Saying ?

[scrapeazon asin=”B00OJY8MF8″ width=”650″ height=”400″ border=”false” country=”us”]

Attention when using product

You no need to be much worried about how to use this diamondback bicycle. It is very easy to use and even you don’t need anything to do with it. It is as simple as you imagine. When you go out to buy this diamondback bike, make sure about all its features that we have described above. Take a ride to this bike before you pay for it. You should try to bargain the price before you forward the cash prize to the shopkeeper. While using this bike, take full care of it and place it in a garage. Try to avoid it from the water like rain water as its aluminum frame may get harm from it. Take care while parking it and try your best not to break any of its parts.


This bike has given a bunch of positive feedbacks from most of its customers. Most of the times, this bike is provided with a five-star review. By most of the normal customer, it has given highly recommendations to use. They even said that this bike is the best one to buy which only ranges under $700 and is affordable for many of the clients. If you want a bike for casual uses like for daily riding, exercise, to move on to camp, this bike is the best one. All its parts are very easy to adjust, for example, its seat and a lot of other parts.

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