Best Mountain Bike Shoes: Helping You Get That Adrenaline Rush

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Jul 04

When you go about looking for the right kind of bike for yourself, it is only natural that you look for the best mountain bike shoes as well. Having the right kind of shoes is extremely important since they help you in your endeavour.

So what are the factors that you need to consider before you zero in on the mountain bike shoes for yourself? The following are those factors:

1. Types

Choose your shoes according to your needs and also in accordance to the requirements of your riding style.

2. Shank

The supportive structure that is present between the outsole and insole of the shoe is known as shank. It is important to provide stability, drive power to pedal and attaches to cleats. There are made using carbon, poly-carbon composite or plastic. The stiffer and lighter the shank, better is its performance.

3. Insole

The higher-end shoes generally come with specialised insoles which are designed to provide support to the user’s foot while at the same time it helps to drive power. These are very important since they translate the micro-muscles present in the foot for control, power and finesse.

4. Outsole

This part comes in contact with ground and hence needs to be extremely sturdy and rugged. The kind of terrain that you tackle on your mountain bike helps in determining the kind of outsole your mountain bike shoes should have. The heel lugs should be made using dual-density rubbers which provide the extra grip which may sometimes be needed.

5. Cleat Compatibility

Make sure that the shoes you choose are compatible with cleats. Be sure to get those which match your pedals.

Now that you know the factors that you need to look into before you choose the mountain bike for yourself, we have listed three of the best mountain bike shoes available for you to choose from.

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Top 3 best Mountain bike shoes on the market 2015

1. Carbide Mountain Bike Shoes by Giro

Whether you are a first time user of mountain bikes, or are looking to upgrade on the styles that you are already comfortable with, this is the shoe to go for. It has a hook and loop system and the straps help in keeping the shoes firmly in place. There are no laces to deal with, so you do not have to stop just to tie those laces which have been untied.

The materials used on top of the shoes are nylon, EVA and synthetic leather. These are very well known to be durable. Hence, you can try out a number of terrains and not worry about the shoes giving way at all.

Yes there are treads which help in adding resistance to the shoes, and it also has 2-hole MTB cleat compatibility.

The shoe is rugged, comfortable and supportive at the same time. Hence they are perfect to use for any task.

2. Mountain Bike Shimano SPD Shoes by Venzo

The shoes feature an award-winning technology when it comes to performance. The upper part of the shoe has a very comfortable and breathable mesh and also quick drying synthetic.

The lining has a textile which comes with a sock liner, hence making it a lot more comfortable than most of the shoes in its category. The shoe has a low cut construction which is perfect for fast fit. The shoes are quite light and feel very comfortable.

The front foot of the shoe is flexible and weighing just 382 gm, it is extremely light.

The shoes are compatible with all the pedal systems by Shimano SPD.

3. Mountain Bike Shoes by Gavin

The shoes are compatible with SPD, SPD-SL and SPD-R cleats. The closure of the shoes has a hook and loop system. The straps are strong enough to stick on for a long time and you do not have to bother about them at least until the end of the ride.

It has a synthetic microfiber leather complete with a breathable mesh. It helps in keeping the shoe lightweight and the user cool. The sole is made out of stiff fibreglass which resists flex, and hence, allows for maximum power transfer.

These are some of the best mountain shoes in its category. Do make sure that the shoes are comfortable and are suited to your needs and requirements.

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