Best Mountain Bike Helmets: Safety Before Riding

By Liam Neeson | Reviews

Jul 02

There are dozens of manufacturers of mountain bike helmets out there. And there are innumerable kinds of helmets available for you to choose from. Although this is a good thing, choosing the right kind of helmet for you gets a lot harder.

Here are few things that you must check out before you choose a mountain bike helmet.

1. Construction

When choosing a mountain bike helmet, ensure that it has sufficient number of vents to keep you cool when you ride. Make sure that it has enhanced rear-head coverage, has distinguished visors, firm and secure, so much so, that it proves to be the perfect partner when you conquer those tough terrains.

2. Right Size

A good fitting mountain bike helmet is extremely important. There are small, medium or large sizes available for you to choose from. There are also advanced sizes for you to choose from.

To find the size that is ideal for you, use a tape and measure that part of your head which is the largest. Accordingly check the size on the catalogue and choose one that is perfect for you.

3. Weight

You do not want to carry a ton of weight on your head, while you are trying to manoeuvre some of the toughest terrains out there. So, choose a helmet that provides you with all the safety measures while at the same time, it isn’t very heavy. These may cost a little more than the regular ones, but trust us when we say that this is a lot better in the long run.

4. Components

The helmet should consist of a liner, shell, vents, straps and hair ports. These are the minimum number of components that the helmets must contain. Make sure that all of them are the best in the industry, to ensure that you remain safe at all times.

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Here are some of the best mountain bike helmets available out there.

1. Hex Mountain Bike Helmet by Giro

This helmet by Giro has a rugged style and is big on performance as well as value. It has the new Roc Loc fit system which provides stability, comfort and also adjustability.

It has an upper, as well as, lower in-moulded hard bodies and comes with colour matched visors. It is also equipped with wind – scooping vents. There are 21 wind – scooping vents in all, which will help the rider stay cool no matter what.

It has simple micro-dial system, which will help you adjust in a two-finger twist which helps the dial close or open the retention system.

It is lighter and stronger than its predecessors and is said to perform flawlessly after riding 6,600 cycles.

2. Bicycle Cycling Helmet by Amstyle

This helmet has been created by making use of the High Grade EPS and PC, as compared to the fact that the other helmets are mostly made using just EPS. This high quality and durability of the helmet has been designed which keeping the best safety in mind.

Weighing just 230 gm, the helmet is extremely light, and hence, also helps in remaining cool. The internal air channels and the outer vents have been enlarged by a large percentage. This in turn helps in increasing the cooling effect provided by the helmet, to an extent that most of the helmets do not provide.

The size of the helmet is between 54 and 62 cm, hence it fits most of the adults.

3. Bike Helmet by Bell Sports

The helmet is extremely versatile and comes in a number of styles and designs. Every single helmet comes with 19 different cooling vents and hence, keeps the user sufficiently cool.

It has an Adjustable TAG fit system (Twin Axis Gear) which is great if you are looking for a superior fit.

The VPV visor is added not just for safety but also for style, and the fact that it helps in keeping the sharp rays of the sun away from your face, is an added advantage.

With options like these available out there for you, it shouldn’t be all that hard to choose the right kind of mountain bike helmet for yourself. Something that is high on both safety and style.

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