Best Full Suspension Bike Under $1000

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Jun 08

best full suspension mountain bikeFull suspension bikes possibly are the most famous among all the categories of mountain bikes, for a god reason too. There have been tremendous advancements in the field of frames, fork technology, suspension designs (which are cutting edge), rear shock function and drop in its weight.

1. Riding Style

Choose the mountain bike that suits your riding style perfectly. In case your needs are mixed then choose the toughest that riding style which is the toughest and buy a bike which will satisfy these needs.

2. Wheel Size

There are 26 inch, 29 inch and the favourite 27.5 inch sizes available for the riders to choose from. The 26 inch and 29 inch wheel size comes with its own set of advantages, but the 27.5 inch wheels provides the advantages of both the sizes and tries to minimise the disadvantages that they provide.

3. Frame materials

Most of the frames are created using the aluminium alloy. This is a great option since it is strong, yet very light in weight and more importantly it is comparatively inexpensive.

Some of the other frame materials used include titanium, steel and also carbon fibre. These are extremely light in weight, but unfortunately are very expensive as compared to the bikes that are made using aluminium alloys.

  1. Brakes

There are disc brakes, hydraulic brakes and cable-activated brakes available for you to choose from. Choose the brakes that are perfect for you according to the terrain you ride on. Most of the riders are happy with the disc brakes.

Top 3 Best Full Suspension Bike Under 1000 Comparision

We have put together a shot list of the best full suspension bikes under 1000 for you to choose from. Each one of these is great to ride, and are known particularly for their durability and comfort which they provide the rider.


The aluminium suspension frame that the bike comes with is light in weight but at the same time provides the rider with maximum comfort, as well as, performance. The element suspension fork that the bike is equipped with helps the rider smooth out all the bumps that come along the way and increases the control which the rider has on the bike.

The bike has 21 speed shifters and has Shimano rear derailleur which come with SRAM twist shifters, which make changing the gear of the bike, a piece of cake.

The alloy wheels have a quick release front. The bike also has alloy front, as well as, rear disc brakes.

It is considered to be the ultimate 29er, and offers a smooth, as well as, controlled ride.

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This amazing mountain bike by Diamondback Bicycles has a hand-made travel that is 4 inches long. It has a 6061 t-6 full suspension made out of aluminium alloy, which is light in weight but is extremely strong. It is strong enough, to help you in all your off-road endeavours.

It has a optimised single pivot that has sealed cartridge bearings which is perfect to give you a durable performance along with giving making the ride smooth.

It has a SR XCT suspension fork that is 100 mm long and a coil rear shock which is capable of tackling just about all kinds of terrains out there.

It has 8-speed drivetrain from Shimano and tour cranks by SR which provides smooth shifts in gears. The mechanical disc brakes are from Tekto Aires.

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This is one of the best entry level mountain bikes in the dual full suspension category. It has disc brakes both at the front, as well as, the back.

The bike comes with some very great quality Shimano components which allow the bike to have 24 different speed shifters.

About 80% of this mountain bikes arrives assembled, while the rest of the needs to be put together. Unfortunately, one may not be able to do it by themselves. Hence, may require some professional assistance.

Considering the price that this mountain bike comes for, and the components that it provides, it is basically a steal.

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The mountain bikes mentioned here are three of the Best Full Suspension Bike available for you, which are priced at less than $1000.

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