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Jun 14

7 Smart Pieces of Advice to Help You Select a Used Mountain Bike

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Has it been your wish to be able to own a mountain bike sooner or later? Well, you are not the only one wishing for it. The truth is many people also want to buy a mountain bike for many reasons. You definitely have some good reasons why you want to own a mountain bike, and you most certainly want to get one that is created to withstand even the most challenging mountain bike trails. Indeed, there are just so many things that you can do and explore when you know how to ride a mountain bike and have a durable one that you can use to enjoy the outdoors. Imagine breathing some fresh air and appreciating some scenic places as you ride your bike. You would certainly agree that does not only look cool but also feels cool, isn’t it?



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Jun 13

7 Clever Points to Consider When Doing Downhill Mountain Biking

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks



Typically associated with traversing on downhill trails, long slopes, hills and rough terrains, downhill mountain biking is truly an adventurous outdoor activity that only the bold riders try. Basically, it requires the riders to get past certain obstacles on their way in order to flaunt their mountain biking skills. Speed is of the essence in riding downhill, and this takes a lot of practice to master. What’s more, there are certain body positions for you to follow in order for you to be able to execute the mountain biking techniques properly and to avoid any serious accidents or even the minor ones.

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