Skills You Need to Have for Rock Climbing

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Jan 21

In the rat race of climbing the ladders of life, we get so involved in working, and exhausted from work that we return to our home, in pursuit of peace. Resting on your couch, you feel restless and think how delightful it would be to take a break from work and go on an adventure trip, then the work load strikes your mind and you are lulled into sleep.

It happens with everyone, but those who linger upon this further and formulate their minds to experience it, they would know what a divine it is to go on an adventure trip, and the best adventure you will ever experience is one which would make you climb the firm rocks. This will cause your muscles to pull and push, releasing tensions and negative thoughts from your always thinking mind and it energizes, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of relaxation runs through your entire body. That is it, we all need a break in life, break from our regular chores, to feel, to live and to breathe.

So don’t give a second thought to the idea and pack up your bags for proceeding towards an interesting spot for rock climbing and bless yourself a chance to enjoy the most exotic sport ever-rock climbing.

It is a sport requiring strength, focus, analysis, alertness, risk and chiefly a thorough practice, in case of outdoor rock climbing, prior indoor practice is of immense importance as outdoor practice for a beginner will lead to severe consequences. However, outdoor practices are held when the height is short and with extra safety measures, beginners need to commence with the indoor practices to comprehend the basics.

Beyond doubts you learn things only when you experience them, but few tips should be well inscribed in the mind to get yourself a knack skillful rock climbing, some few tips are jotted down for your aid and assistance.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Going For Rock Climbing

  • Prior warm up

Stretching up your muscles well before such an adventurous and strength demanding task is vital. It makes your muscles, limbs flexible and free. Tight muscles and ligaments become a barrier in your well going task, so make them free.

  • Opt for a Z to A approach

Whenever you climb a rock, always start from the bottom leading to upwards in order to have an outlook of the route you have to climb, climbing top to down would make your every step a surprise, thus causing fear of depth.

  • Put yourself in the right shoes

Suitable shoes during rock climbing is of immense importance, strap on your redpoint shoes when you need to know on what you can stand on, with comfort, avoid your gym shoes, it is too sloppy.

  • Increase intake of water

Dehydration during rock climbing, will lead to severe hand and leg pain, which will deter you to excel in the sport.

Techniques for Rock Climbing

  • Hang Well

Just as keeping your hands straight while lifting a luggage makes the job easier, same is the case with rock climbing. Hands should be left straight on the rock as you hold it; bending hands would cause you to put more pressure, which will tire you soon. However, bending hands is important as you climb to lift yourself up, don’t be habitual to it.

  • Legs First, Arms second

Beginners will attempt to climb the rock pressurizing their hands, it’s wrong. Instead, try to pull yourself up by forcing your feet upwards and then take the help from your hands, but make your legs the base of your stand, not your hands. It makes task easier.

  • A small catch at a time

Many beginners try to grasp bigger steps at one time, avoid it as it may lead you to fall, take one small step at a time unless and until you excel in rock climbing.

  • Dodge unnecessary move

Wiggling and resituating increases the chances of dis-balance and you may fall. Choose wisely where to put your next step, learn to control your feet from unneeded moves.

  • Previewing the route beforehand

Before you get into action, have a preview of the route you have to travel from the ground to the peak of the rock, make a mental note of the weight, balance, reach, pros and cons and analyze each move through the route. Analyze it well before you commence with the sport.

So rock climbing is a sport demanding enthusiasm, strength, focus, analysis, risk and a challenging attitude resulting in fitness and increased self-confidence. While many other sports render only health and fitness, rock climbing on the contrary gifts you fun and frolic, it is a sport to enjoy, and finally with all your ardent endeavors when you reach the destination on the rock, you feel a sense of robust accomplishment and self-proud worth deserving.

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