How to Improve at Indoor Rock Climbing?

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Jan 13

Are you tired of your regular, tedious boring gym workouts to stay fit and fine? Have you been searching for an alternative characterized by a better health factor in combination to some fun and frolic? Well here is where your search ends – engage yourself in taking few experiences of Indoor Rock Climbing which provides a combo of fitness and fun, it is an activity providing an experience analogous to rock climbing. It is performed on a manmade wall like structures and swears to give you a super adventurous and intriguing experience.

U.S and Canada were the first nations to establish a rock climbing gym in Seattle, 1987. Albeit, die hard rock climbers find pleasure and health factors easily from the start, Beginners need to have endurance and patience to gain excellence but once you have the grip in your hand and basics noted in your mind, you will excel in the sport at the drop of a hat. Though quite a fun but the sport is also perilous, so, keep a track of safety measures provided by the gym.

Recently Thailand launched its first ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ rock climbing experience from New Zealand at Bangkok’s most happening climbing hub which is characterized by 24 uniquely themed climbing walls.

Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing promises to give a thorough exercise of your whole body specifically the muscles which are characterized by various twists and turns, movements upwards and downwards.

The sport also is a boon on the rainy or foggy days, or on days witnessed by extreme snow fall and thunderstorm, so the climbers do not have to get disheartened.

Apart from the body build up, your mind also undergoes a saga of developments as it fight battles of choice, selection, risk and fear which results in boosting self-confidence, camaraderie and focus and other skills vital for life which is social development indeed.

How to Improve At Indoor Rock Climbing?

Indoor rock climbing is not an easy task especially for the non -climbers. It demands painstaking focus, thoughtful actions, mental stability, proper analysis and rigorous practice. Beginners are required to invest a lot of effort if they wish to excel in the sport. Climbing, however, can be both safe and risky depending on the type of wall we are hanging too. Well man- made walls is way safer than the natural walls. The sport is intriguing, healthy and beneficial in all sense. It demands understanding of basics but there are other prerequisites to batten in the sport. Some of the ways to do so are:

  • Choose a good indoor climbing gym

Jotting out the names of the climbing gym near your location, keep in mind that the gym is characterized by availability of proper equipment required for climbing (knots, anchors or gears, etc.), well trained and qualified trainees with prior experiences in the sport.

  • Warm up well

Warm ups and stretches improves circulation of blood in the body which energizes the body for climbing, it positions your limbs, joints, ligaments and muscles which help you climb faster with less efforts.

  • Shoulders and upper back

Exercise elastics, pull ups, weights and simple arm rotation make your shoulder tough and prepares for taking strains.

  • Arms

Prefer a squeeze ball regularly to strengthen the wrist in order to make it free and flexible.

  • Mid-section

Your mid body is like a ford between your hands and legs, proper coordination between the two is vital. Go for dumb shell side raises, hanging leg raises and back bridges, for enhancing your mid body.

  • Legs

Do not over stress the legs-lunges, one leg squats and single-length strength is preferred.

  • Straighten up your arms

When you pick up a luggage, your hands are in straight position, had it been with bending hands, holding the luggage would have been a tougher task. Similarly, keep your hands straight while climbing which in turn would provide efficiency and strength, keep your legs bent, that will assist you to push yourself easily.

  • Unique and sporty, risky but adventurous, tiring yet healthy

Indoor Rock Climbing is an extremely intriguing sport which has witnessed an increasing demand over the years as it strengths your body , creates gusto and euphoria in the mind and soul and teaches  the mind the art of ‘choice’, ‘focus’, and ‘analysis’.

Intake ample fluids in order to avoid cramping of your dear hands and legs due to dehydration. There are various types of climbing – Rope climbing with a belay partner allows the beginners to cover a long distance running, if no partner uses an auto-belay. Prefer bouldering-rock climbing, if you have acrophobia, since the walls are shorter in such cases.

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