4 Steps to Help You Take a Mountain Bike Frame Size Correctly

By Liam Neeson | Tips and Tricks

Jun 14

According to the current trend in cycling, among 100 amateur players, about 10% of them like the Road Bike and 10 % prefer the Motor Bike Cross. However, the remaining 80% like the Mountain Bike.


1. The most important factor is the frame size

The frame material types include steel, aluminum, carbon and titanium. Among these material types, aluminum is the most common material because it is cheap, durable, stainless and mild. Carbon is in vogue nowadays. It is mainly used for racecars because it is not as hard as aluminum, but it is used a little since it is more expensive. Titanium is also more expensive. Steel is fundamentally faulty and rusts heavily, so many are becoming less interested in using it. However, many companies now have a good reputation for creating beautiful steel slopes but at very high prices.

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Choose a frame size that is suitable for your body since this will help you get the most out of your bike when you consider it as a form of exercise on a daily basis.

  • To know that the frame size suits you, you need to measure two factors such as the height (H) and the height from the foot to the groin (I).


  • How to check the height from the foot to the groin (I)


After considering the two factors, you can check out the table below to select the appropriate parameters for the frame here:

2. Styles

  • Boys should use a bike with a horizontal frame
  • Girls need to choose a frame that makes it possible for them to board or alight gently and gracefully.

3. Suspension system

A bike with front suspension system (Full Suspension) will make you feel comfortable when cycling, but it is heavier and more expensive. A hardtail bike (Hardtail mountain bike) or a vehicle that is not equipped with suspension system is lighter. However, the hardtail mountain bike will not withstand powerful blows. If you are new to mountain biking, you can consider the hardtail. The reason for this is because if you find out later that mountain biking is not for you, you will not regret since you have only spent less money on it. Also, it does not require you to spend a lot of money on repairs because it has fewer components.

4. Brake Style

Mountain bikes are equipped with two types of main brakes: Disc brakes and rim brakes. Disc brakes cost more. Rim brakes cost less but do not work well in a rainy or muddy environment. A beginner will want to try each bike with a different type of brake before making a final decision.

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