Mar 15

Great Accessories for Your Mountain Bike

By Jack Don | Tips and Tricks

When you want to explore the outdoors, riding on a mountain bike can be very interesting indeed! However, you cannot solely rest in the idea that riding a superb-quality bike is enough to enjoy your activity. You need to bring something to keep you refreshed and energized. You must wear the right outfit. Additionally, you also have to take some tools with you. Below are some of the important things that you will need for your ride and for maintaining your bike as well.


Your activity is never complete without a cooler. It is true that mountain biking is fun, but you need great drinks to keep you energized as well. When you take a cooler with you, you can still get cold drinks in the middle of your ride. You can take a large cooler or a small one, depending on the duration of your ride. Pick out a durable cooler with a strong latch, rubber-coated grips and stainless steel handles so that you can carry it easily.

Repair Stand

You will have to check or repair your bike occasionally. That is why you need to get a reliable repair stand. The repair stand will make it easy for you to do some of the maintenance work on the mountain bike, be it overhauling the bicycle drivetrain or oiling the bicycle chain. Instead of taking your bike to the repair shop, using an excellent-quality repair stand can help you do even some simple bike maintenance work in the comfort of your own home.


If you often ride for long hours on end, wearing bib shorts is a wise option. Wearing bibs can give you more comfort while riding. When you shop for bibs, make sure that they fit you perfectly well and do not bunch at all. Choose those that have seamless and sleek chamois pads. What’s great about bib shorts is that there is no need for you to worry about donning an uncomfortable elastic waistband that eventually causes chafing.

Bike Cleaner

Nothing can be more comfortable for a mountain bike rider than riding a clean mountain bike! It is best to keep your bike clean at all times as much as possible since it can lengthen its lifespan. Soapy water is great for cleaning a mountain bike. You may also opt for a specific bike cleaner, which can thoroughly clean your bike. It can remove the grime and grit from your bicycle drivetrain and will keep the frame sparkling clean as well. Be sure to select a cleaner that does not contain any harmful acids. Wash your bike gently by using a garden hose.

Bike Rack

It is not a good idea to buy a low-quality bike rack since it cannot hold your bike well. You should not skimp on your bike rack as it is quite essential for keeping your bike in place. Get a bike rack that you can attach to the hitch or roof of your car. Be sure to choose a strong bike rack so that it can hold your bike more securely. Moreover, the bike rack must fit your bike perfectly.


Indeed, nothing beats being prepared. You must not only get a high-quality multi-tool but you must also get one with an essential chain breaker. It is also a must to buy one with extra pins. You can actually have many options. Be sure to buy a very useful multi-tool that that can keep your bike running well. Moreover, take note that it is not enough that you have the tools. You must also know how to repair your bike using those tools.


When it comes to mountain biking, using top-quality tires is a must! Great tires can enhance suspension, improve handling, increase traction and lightens the bike. However, regardless of the tires that you use, they must be in good shape once you plan on riding your bike. You definitely do not want to compromise your safety while riding. That is why be sure to buy tires that can work well on almost any type of terrain. They should be able to grip well on roots and wet rocks. They must also be able to shed mud quickly.

Tire Gauge

It is best to get a very good digital tire gauge. You will need it so that you can avoid having punctured tires. The tire-pressure gauge will help you determine the accurate tire pressure. It is important that you apply the correct tire pressure for your bike so that your tires will work well. What’s more, correct tire pressure improves control and traction.

Duffel Bag

When you go mountain biking, you cannot simply go without taking anything with you. Of course, you need to get a duffel bag for your riding clothes, shoes, helmet, food and other stuff that you need for your outdoor activity. There are many different duffel bags to choose from. You can take your pick, depending on your style and preference. However, you must not prioritize style over functionality. You must select a bag that has enough room for all your stuff to fit together neatly. Choose a duffel bag that has several pockets so that you can organize your things well. There should be a special pocket for your wet gear and shoes. Apart from the main compartment, there should also be a separate pocket, where you can keep some small essentials such as your small first-aid kit, compass, extra pair of socks and energy bars to name a few.

Mini Pump

You certainly do not want to spoil your outdoor activity because of under-inflated tires. That is why you need to take a quality mini pump. Try to pick out the high-powered pump that works quite well. You can get a good mini floor pump. It is a good idea to consider a mini pump with user-friendly features so that you can use it quite easily. Try to purchase one that has a folding handle, fold-out base and flexible hose.

Jan 31

Advanced Climbing Skills You Should Get Hold Of!

By Jack Don | Tips and Tricks

Dictionary defines climbing as the process of ascending a steep wall, rock or any object by using one’s hands and feet and sometimes by taking support of rope and belayer. But dictionary definition is just not enough to make you ready to descend those mountain heights. Proper strategy equipped with climbing skills, position, angles, orientation and a lot more is required – before you venture out and start testing yourself in real time.

Here are a few advanced climbing skills to excel in the art flawlessly.

Advanced Climbing Skills

  1. Tree jug

This technique governs the use of trees for the body upliftment. You could easily discover a lot many trees while climbing outdoors. Wrap the trees with one or both hands and then uplift your body with the help of the support provided by tree.

  1. To scum your body

In this, you need to strike your body against the rocks and apply force in upward direction. This technique uses the friction of our body to stabilize the body on small footholds.

  1. Flagging

It is the best technique if you are in the middle of the mountain range.  In this method, you use your one leg in order to balance your body weight so that the rock will not swing and you achieve stability. If your body will not maintain the balance then you will get swung and lose your balance.

  1. Crimpers

Crimpers are a projection that one holds for support or you can say that these are small handholds.
They are so small that only your fingertips can hold them. This technique might be a bit painful because the force of fingertips is used to move your whole body in upward direction. Thus it is highly recommended to curl your fingers and lock off your hold in downward direction. This way less energy will be used to move your body in upward direction and moreover you will feel less pain.

  1. Sloper

It requires large strength by hand. In this method, you have to occupy the maximum possible area under your hand and then force yourself upwards. This technique is not easy to grasp and requires a lot of dedication and practice.

  1. Using head

Under this technique, you use your neck. By using strength of your neck you can uplift yourself a little. And, a little together makes a large move.

  1. Back stepping technique

Since the climbing surface is slanting so it becomes difficult for the legs to tolerate the whole body weight. And thus a large portion of body weight comes on arms which in turn makes difficult for you to use arms force to move upwards. So in such cases one should twist lock himself and back step together. This will shift the force to handholds, making you more stable and you can easily move further in climbing.

  1. Figure fore

It is a type of seizing hold. In this method, you keep your body stiff. It is mostly used when there is no foothold available. In this you have to hang yourself on a jug by one hand and then lock your opposite leg with the other hand. In this, you have to perform both the actions at the same time – pulling yourself up with the arm and pushing yourself down with the locked leg. And in this way you can easily climb high.

  1. Drop knee

By using this technique you can reach to far holes with minimum strength. It requires a handhold.

  1. Stemming

This technique is mostly used when you are climbing in the corner which means both of your hands are on different walls and you are climbing in the middle of them. You are in a state where the two different forces of walls are acting opposite to each other and in this you use the tension of your body to move yourself in upward direction.

  1. Heel hook

In this, you usually put your foot heel at a higher level which helps you a lot in maintaining your balance. You have to put your foot heel at least up to waist level.

Get hold over these main advanced climbing techniques. Do not forget to carry an oxygen cylinder if you are climbing in high altitudes. It can be required in case of emergency. Drink plenty of water during climbing to avoid dehydration.

Get, set, go!

Jan 21

Skills You Need to Have for Rock Climbing

By Jack Don | Tips and Tricks

In the rat race of climbing the ladders of life, we get so involved in working, and exhausted from work that we return to our home, in pursuit of peace. Resting on your couch, you feel restless and think how delightful it would be to take a break from work and go on an adventure trip, then the work load strikes your mind and you are lulled into sleep.

It happens with everyone, but those who linger upon this further and formulate their minds to experience it, they would know what a divine it is to go on an adventure trip, and the best adventure you will ever experience is one which would make you climb the firm rocks. This will cause your muscles to pull and push, releasing tensions and negative thoughts from your always thinking mind and it energizes, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of relaxation runs through your entire body. That is it, we all need a break in life, break from our regular chores, to feel, to live and to breathe.

So don’t give a second thought to the idea and pack up your bags for proceeding towards an interesting spot for rock climbing and bless yourself a chance to enjoy the most exotic sport ever-rock climbing.

It is a sport requiring strength, focus, analysis, alertness, risk and chiefly a thorough practice, in case of outdoor rock climbing, prior indoor practice is of immense importance as outdoor practice for a beginner will lead to severe consequences. However, outdoor practices are held when the height is short and with extra safety measures, beginners need to commence with the indoor practices to comprehend the basics.

Beyond doubts you learn things only when you experience them, but few tips should be well inscribed in the mind to get yourself a knack skillful rock climbing, some few tips are jotted down for your aid and assistance.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Going For Rock Climbing

  • Prior warm up

Stretching up your muscles well before such an adventurous and strength demanding task is vital. It makes your muscles, limbs flexible and free. Tight muscles and ligaments become a barrier in your well going task, so make them free.

  • Opt for a Z to A approach

Whenever you climb a rock, always start from the bottom leading to upwards in order to have an outlook of the route you have to climb, climbing top to down would make your every step a surprise, thus causing fear of depth.

  • Put yourself in the right shoes

Suitable shoes during rock climbing is of immense importance, strap on your redpoint shoes when you need to know on what you can stand on, with comfort, avoid your gym shoes, it is too sloppy.

  • Increase intake of water

Dehydration during rock climbing, will lead to severe hand and leg pain, which will deter you to excel in the sport.

Techniques for Rock Climbing

  • Hang Well

Just as keeping your hands straight while lifting a luggage makes the job easier, same is the case with rock climbing. Hands should be left straight on the rock as you hold it; bending hands would cause you to put more pressure, which will tire you soon. However, bending hands is important as you climb to lift yourself up, don’t be habitual to it.

  • Legs First, Arms second

Beginners will attempt to climb the rock pressurizing their hands, it’s wrong. Instead, try to pull yourself up by forcing your feet upwards and then take the help from your hands, but make your legs the base of your stand, not your hands. It makes task easier.

  • A small catch at a time

Many beginners try to grasp bigger steps at one time, avoid it as it may lead you to fall, take one small step at a time unless and until you excel in rock climbing.

  • Dodge unnecessary move

Wiggling and resituating increases the chances of dis-balance and you may fall. Choose wisely where to put your next step, learn to control your feet from unneeded moves.

  • Previewing the route beforehand

Before you get into action, have a preview of the route you have to travel from the ground to the peak of the rock, make a mental note of the weight, balance, reach, pros and cons and analyze each move through the route. Analyze it well before you commence with the sport.

So rock climbing is a sport demanding enthusiasm, strength, focus, analysis, risk and a challenging attitude resulting in fitness and increased self-confidence. While many other sports render only health and fitness, rock climbing on the contrary gifts you fun and frolic, it is a sport to enjoy, and finally with all your ardent endeavors when you reach the destination on the rock, you feel a sense of robust accomplishment and self-proud worth deserving.

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