Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Reviews With Infographic Guide


Mountain biking has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, especially among those people who are looking for a hobby that is a bit of a challenge. If you have a high quality mountain bike, then there is virtually no trail that you will not be able to tame. To help you make the most of your mountain biking experience, we have compiled this brief mountain bike buying guide that will guide you through how to choose the best mountain bikes (MTB) and explain what to look for in the best mountain bike brands.

Mountain biking has enthralled enthusiasts all around the world, partly because it opens up so many different terrains that you can ride on but, you will need a sturdy and sound mountain bike that will get you across the roughest terrain. The things that set mountain bikes apart from regular bikes are that they are more durable and they are designed for riding over tough terrain. Here is our guide the best MTB and the best mountain bike brands.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 On The Market 2016

1. Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Complete Full Suspension Mountain Bike

3. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

4. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Trace Complete Dual Sport Bike

5. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

The unexpected benefits of MTB Sport

Mountain biking is great fun and it’s a really good way to keep fit too. You get loads of fresh air, plenty of exercise and you will get to see some wonderful scenery too. One of the reasons that so many people have taken to mountain biking in recent years is that it takes you away from all the traffic and pollution of city streets. Read on, and we’ll give you some of the surprising benefits of mountain biking that are making it such a popular sport.


It reduces stress

When you hit the trail with your best mountain bike beneath you, you will be able to feel the stress easing from your body. Research has proven that the best way to beat stress is to be outdoors in the fresh air. Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that will release the stress busting endorphins into your body and that will effectively cancel out the stress hormones and make you feel relaxed and stress free.

It strengthens the immune system

It has also been proven that the exercise you get from mountain biking will give your immune system a boost. That will mean fewer coughs and colds and it could help your body fight more serious disease as well. In fact, researchers at the University of North Carolina found that people who cycle regularly need half the time off work as people who don’t exercise do. That’s just one more good reason to invest in one of the best mountain bikes that are available!

It’s good for your heart

The British Medical Association carried out a survey that found that people who cycle twenty miles or more a week have a 50% less chance of developing heart disease. Mountain biking makes the blood flow faster around your body and it works out the heart and lungs. It’s about the best low-impact cardiovascular exercise that you can you do and it could help you avoid a heart attack or a stroke.


You will make lots of new friends

There are also loads of opportunities to make new friends when you join the MTB community. Even if you don’t join a mountain bike club or enter any races, you will still meet like-minded enthusiasts on the mountain trails. You can swap stories of your experiences on different routes and your thoughts on which are the best mountain bikes to buy.

It will get you back in touch with nature

When you are exploring a trail on a bike, you will see far more of the natural world than you ever would from the window of a car. Many trails also lead to wonderfully secluded and quiet spots where you can take a break, relax, and take in the sights, the sounds, and the beauty of nature.

It improves your stamina

Uphill riding and navigating rough terrain will help to improve your overall stamina and that will help you in other sports and in everyday life too. The more you ride, the more your body will become used to the exertion. After a while, you will feel like you can take on anything!

It never gets boring

As well as there being a virtually limitless number of different trails for you to ride. There are also many different styles of mountain biking to try too. Some of the different types of riding are all-mountain, cross country, endure, and lift -assisted, to mention but a few. You only need to buy one quality mountain bike and you will be able to try out many different forms of the sport.

It gives you the opportunity to get away from it all

We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives sometimes and mountain biking is the perfect way to do that. Whether you enjoy the peace and quiet of a long solitary ride, or you share a journey with some friends, riding your bike out in the country gives you a brief escape from reality and a great chance to unwind.

It’s fun!

As they say, when exercise is fun, it doesn’t seem like exercise at all. It’s a wonderful feeling to ride for miles on a trail and it will boost your morale and your spirits. Exercise releases the feel good hormones into your body, which will give you an amazing emotional lift. If you haven’t tried mountain biking yet, check out the best mountain bikes under $1000 and get out on the trail!

Short Reviews for Top 5 Best MTB Under 1000

1. Diamondback Complete Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Built out of the strongest aluminium alloy, the Diamondback Recoil XC/Trail bike is one of the best full suspension mountain bikes that you can buy. It’s strong, lightweight, and the single pivot design with four inches of suspension travel and the super smooth 27.5” wheels will smooth out the ride over everything but the very biggest roots and rocks that you may come across. Bikes like this shouldn’t be too complicated and that’s exactly what this delivers. It’s quite simply the best full suspension bike in its class and it’s built in a way that will let you get the most out of your mountain bike experience.

2. Diamondback Sync'r 24 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike

The diamondback Sync'r 24 is the perfect mountain bike for the up and coming mountain bikers in your family. It’s a fully functional, hard tail mountain bike with 24” wheels and a low slung frame that will be the best hardtail mountain bike for the smaller rider. It handles really well and it is very manoeuvrable. Its tough aluminium alloy frame and replaceable derailleur hanger make it one of the most durable hardtail mountain bikes of its type. It also has a 9-speed Sram drive train with Gravity step up cranks for an impressive range of gears. If you are looking for a bike that is certainly not just a kid’s toy, then the Sync'r 24 will be the best hardtail mountain bike for you.

3. Diamondback Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Overdrive is a refreshing break from the overhyped and overpriced bikes that you see on the market today. It’s a sturdy and reliable hardtail mountain bike that comes with an affordable price tag. Diamondback hasn’t compromised on quality at all with this bike. The Overdrive has extremely effective four inch Suntour suspension forks, 24 speeds, and a very powerful set of disk brakes too. The Overdrive is a no-nonsense, rough and tough, hard tail mountain bike that will keep you fully in control while you confidently explore the trail. It also comes complete with big knobby tyres that will keep you firmly on track no matter how slippery the terrain becomes. 

It has a high quality aluminium alloy hardtail frame, 27.5” wheels, and it is lightweight, but sturdy. If you’ve been looking for the best hardtail mountain bike, then the Diamondback Overdrive will please the hardtail enthusiast and the mountain bike beginner alike.

4. Diamondback Trace Sport

The Diamondback Trace Sport is a dual purpose bike that is just as much at home on the busy streets as it is following an off-road trail. There may never be a mountain bike that truly suits all riders and all terrains, but the Diamondback Trace Sport certainly a bike that comes close. It will take you smoothly to work on your daily commute and it will allow you explore off road trails too. This superb dual mountain bike has a 6061-T6 aluminium alloy frame and forged dropouts that will last for miles and miles. It also utilises the SR Suntour suspension fork to take the pain out of traversing rocks and roots on the trail or potholes in the road. 

The dual sports tyres on the Trace Sport will give you a smooth, fast ride in town as well as having enough off-road traction to keep you safe on wet, slippery ground. Add to that the Tektro disc brakes for superb stopping power and you have one the best dual purpose mountain bikes for less than $1000 on the market today.

5. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is a sturdy and reliable bike with an aluminium frame and a steel rear wheel. The dual suspension on this bike means that it will provide a smooth and controllable ride over any terrain. Designed mainly for men, the Protocol gets rave reviews from some very happy customers and it’s incredibly good value for money. In fact, many people believe that it is the best full suspension mountain bike in its price range. 

Whether you are taking a leisurely sightseeing bike ride, or navigating a more serious trail, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 will cope with both. Features of the bike include a Shimano EF-50 Trigger Shifter, which shifts you smoothly through 24 speeds, and Pro Max front disc brakes, which guarantee you a safe stop whatever the weather. If you are looking for the best dual suspension mountain bike that won’t break the bank, then you should be taking a closer look at the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike.

Infographic Guide To Get The Best Mountain Bikes


How to Choose the Best Mountain Bikes (MTB) Under $1000

So there you go; the best MTB under $1000. However, it may still not completely take away all your questions about how to choose the perfect mountain bike for, since there are 5 different bikes to choose from here.

The only way to answer that question for sure is to first answer a few other questions regarding your riding style. We have put together a few factors that you may want to bear in mind, before you decide on which will be the best mountain bike for you.

3 thing to consider when buying a mountain bike

1. Mental check-in
There are numerous mountain bikes; some are designed to handle a little bit of rough riding, while there are others which are perfect to take into some very tough terrain. However, before deciding on a mountain bike, you need to ask yourself a few questions regarding the usage of the bike.

Will you be using it to run regular errands around town, biking trips down a trail with the family,and for improving your biking skills in some tough trails?

If you are looking to use your bike to run errands and use it for the occasional off-road excursion, then a basic model should be sufficient to fulfil your requirements. However, if the goal is to conquer some more challenging trails, then you will need a bike with the best suspension and very efficient brakes. The wheel size will also need to be taken into consideration as well.

2. Physical check-in
Another thing to consider is; are you fit enough to handle what a rough terrain throws at a rider? Are you flexible enough, and experienced enough to go on and conquer the really difficult trails? Or are you simply looking for a mountain bike for an occasional fun ride with the family or friends?

If an individual is a very active and fit person, then without an ounce of doubt, when it comes to mountain biking, the person will need to get a very tough bike and it should be more than capable of handling all the bumps that the tough terrain throws at it.

If you are not so physically fit and active, or if you perhaps suffer with back problems, then a bike that has great suspension that willsmooth outsome of the bumps along the way would most likely be the best mountain bike choice for you.


3. Trails
There are innumerable trails all across the world, and like the above mentioned factors, the trails you intend to ride will play a very important role when it comes to choosing the right bike.

Are the trails that you intend to ride smooth, or rough and rocky? The best mountain bike under $1000for a particular individual will depend on the type of trail you intend to ride. If the trail is too rocky, and maybe has small drops, then it is essential that you buy a bike which has some great suspension. On the other hand, if it is a smooth trail then there is no real requirement for one with heavy suspension.

Mountain biking is a sport, that is enjoyed by thousands of people all across the globe, and the number seems to be constantly on the rise. However, you will need a solid and a trusty companion and that will be your mountain bike. That’s how you can ensure that you will get the maximum amount of fun out of mountain biking.

So, the best advice is to take your time, explore the options and choose the best mountain bike for you. One which will suit your needs, and also, makes sure that your body, does not bear the brunt of whatever the trail throws at you.

How to Play Mountain Bike Sport Safely

Mountain biking is fun, exhilarating, and very rewarding, but it can, if you don’t take the proper precautions, also be dangerous. If you want to feel the thrill of hurtling at high speed down a trail, it is essential that you have the best mountain bike for the terrain and you wear the right kind of protective clothing. To help make sure that you stay safe when you are mountain biking, here are our safety tips for mountain bike beginners.

1. Wear a helmet
Without a doubt, the number one piece of safety equipment for the mountain biker is a helmet. You will see other people on the trails that ignore this advice, but don’t follow their lead because, if you don’t wear a helmet, you are putting yourself at risk No matter how hot or uncomfortable it gets; always wear the best mountain bike helmet that you can afford. A good mountain bike helmet could save your

2. Understand what your limits are
When you are a beginner, it’s very easy to get carried away and think that you can attempt the same things that the experienced riders can. Don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you. It’s far better to play it safe than it is to push yourself too far and have an accident. Start off easy and practice your skills. There is no shame in getting off your bike and walking around a particularly tough section of a trail when you are still a beginner. Also, be aware of your physical limitations. If you feel tired, take a break because when you get tired, you are more likely to make dangerous mistakes.

3. Make sure you have the right safety gear
When you first start mountain biking it is quite likely that you will take a few tumbles but, if you have the right kind of protective gear, you won’t hurt yourself badly. As well as the essential mountain bike helmet that we already mentioned, it is worth investing in a good pair of gloves to protect your hands and the best mountain bike shoes that you can find. The best mountain bike shoes will give you a firm grip on the pedals and they will allow you to keep the laces tucked safely away so they don’t get caught in the chain. A good pair of reflective sunglasses is also a good idea. They will protect your eyes from the sun and they will stop bits of flying debris and dust getting in your eyes.mountain-bike-shoes

4. Keep your bike well maintained
You will also need to maintain your mountain bike properly to ensure that it is up to the task of traversing difficult trails. Before you set off on a journey, check that the tyres are sound, the brakes are working well, and the chain is well oiled. Check too for any parts that may have come loose. Taking a few essential spare parts and tools, including a puncture repair kit, is also a good idea.

5. Use your common sense
Above all else, it’s your common sense that will keep you safe. Plan your journeys in advance, keep an eye on the weather, and tell someone where you will be. It’s also a good idea to carry a small first aid kit with you in case of an emergency. We hope you have found these basic safety tips useful. Have a great time mountain biking!


The primary question that needs to be answered when you are looking to buy one of these bikes is that you will need to know which will be the best mountain bike for you personally. To help you decide, we have put together a few factors that need to be checked out before you zero in on a mountain bike to buy for yourself.

1. Budget
Anybody and everybody, who uses a mountain bike, will tell you that you will have to first decide your budget. Remember that it isn’t only the cost of the bike that you will need to take into consideration, but also the kit, which includes helmet, gloves, dropper seatpost etc.Usually, mountain bikes under $1000 do the trick and these are great to use on every trail.

2. Experiment
Now that you have set your budget for buying a mountain bike, check out all the bikes that are available in this price range. Take your time and don’t just buy the first bike you see. Check more than just handful bikes before you decide on which one will be the best mountain bike for you.

If you know someone who has a mountain bike, then check with them regarding which is the best one. If not, do your research online to check out which is the best one that you can afford to buy.

3. Choose your style
Choose your bike on the basis of its usage. Sure, we all dream of trying out the toughest trails and conquering them straight away, but you need to be realistic and choose a bike that is specifically made to suit your style. It may be free riding, cross country, all-mountain, or it could be something else.

4. Bike fit
Once you have chosen the bike for yourself, you will then need to ensure that you get a ‘bike fit’ performed. This will ensure that your new bike matches perfectly to your size, and hence, it will be a lot more comfortable to ride on. This will also make your bike a lot easier to ride and a lot more fun.

If you choose a bike after taking into consideration all that we have mentioned above, the bike, you choose will be the best mountain bike for you and, in turn, it will ensure that all your rides will be a lot more enjoyable.

To help you out in your search for the right mountain bike, we have shortlisted the 5 best mountain bikes (MTB) under $1000 for you.


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